Defense Buildings

Defense buildings: the protector of your Ark. Your mission is to upgrade the Defense building and create your own UGC in order to prevent the invader from attacking your base.

MINI TURRET Mini Turrets keep your enemy at the border. They work well when they stick together.

MISSILE TURRET Firing a barrage of homing missiles which designed to destroy any air unit in range. However, be aware that they cannot target ground units.

PHOTON CANNON The Photon Cannon is a deadly weapon against starships. Keep an eye out for the aiming beam!

FLAME THROWER The Flame Thrower shoots a line of flames towards the enemy, burning it down. However, its limitation is that it cannot target air units.

BOLT CASTER The machine can cast a bolt of lightning that shocks the target and prevents it from action for a moment.

SHIELD GENERATOR Generate a deflective shield, protecting structures inside from incoming damage until the shield is destroyed.

LAND MINE The weapon is invisible to the enemy and triggered when any ground units get in range. What happened next is BOOM!

WALL It has the function of shielding buildings from incoming attacks and is the best unit compared to the ground.

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