All troops in the game have their strengths and weaknesses; they are offensive units that are used to attack the enemy's base. Each of them have their own role and attack target priority:

Mini Tank Lightly armored unit with enough damage to wreak havoc.

Marine If well-protected, it is capable of dealing tremendous damage. When the Marines arrive in huge numbers, they are fearsome.

Medic Drone Life saver on the battlefield. War is dangerous so they use these machine to do the job.

Colossus Flying unit with a blasting punch! Deals TRIPLE DAMAGE to resource buildings!

Demolisher Slow and steady, this big boy can take down a city entirely if it is left alone.

Oppressor A truly flying fortress designed to attract damage from the air-to-air defense.

Rocket Pad Firing a massive rocket towards enemy Ark. The rocket can be hit by the defender, however.

Bomber Droid A suicide unit deals massive damage to buildings. Walls took TRIPLE DAMAGE !

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