Passive Skills

Ark Rivals comes with various types and numbers of Ships. Because each of them has 5 unique notable passives, these Ships have their own distinct strategies and roles on the battlefield. Thus, selecting a suitable Ship for each circumstance would allow the player to enjoy the game and have an experience like no other. Each ship has 5 passive skills, each skill has 5 levels to upgrade.

For example: Here is The Wyvern's skill set:

Skill icon

Skill name

Skill description


Increase attack damage of each Marine along with their soldier numbers.


Turn the enemy's numbers against them, increasing movement speed and granting you bonus damage per defense unit.


Increasing the scanning radius of your ship, the more defense units the more Overwhelming power.


You gain HP regeneration every second after leaving the battle for 5 seconds.

HP Backpack

An active Healing skill, healing power will base on HP which she lost during the battle.

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