Faction Land

Buy land in any Faction to officially join the Faction Wars

All Factions have limited lands. Players, who cannot buy Faction land, will stay on Earth.

Players can mint the land to sell it as an NFT item.

Players need to pay the fee to keep the land, otherwise he can't play in Faction.

Bonus Buff

Each land location will have different bonus buffs (buff attack damage, defense, energy filling, etc.)

For example: - The land with "attack" buff -> will increase attack damage for player's Ships/Commanders/Troops.

This will affect the user's UGC. Based on the way that the players are building, they will have different plans for buying the land suitable for their UGC (or even creating their own UGC in the game).

First come first serve

Because of the limited number of land in each Faction, players have to be faster than the others to become the owner of this NFT. The very first players who own the NFT land can have a better benefit buff in that Faction.

After each Faction War, the number of lands (from the winning Faction) will be increased, non-faction players will have the opportunity to join and make the Faction more crowded, which has a higher chance to help their Faction win the next Faction War.

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