Mission - Vision

Ark Rivals is not just a game, it's a Space-universe!

Take Ark Rivals to the position of top-tier NFTs on mobile platforms.

Mission: Aim to build the largest Faction wars ever in NFT Games and propose the optimal model for Game-Fi with the long-term operation.

Vision: Make Ark Rivals become the best mobile NFTs game.

With three main criteria, we want to introduce our users: Play - Create - Earn

Play - Attack: Control the airship and lead an army in conquering and attacking other user bases. To gather resources in order to construct a robust ARK base.

Create - Defense: With the Resources ( Gold, Hyper Fuel ) allow you to build and develop strong bases (UGC) to defend and counter other players' attacks.

Earn: After participating in the game experience, you can consider and proceed to join in Faction Wars to conduct Earn by the following main features: Buy Land > Buy $ARKN Miner > Join Faction Wars.

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