Play 2 Earn

Optimize your money, know your investment

"Earning" is the most interesting part of the NFT Game Industry. Our team concentrates on creating a healthy and advanced game economy system. Ark Rivals allows players to not only have fun playing but also invest their time and money to make the grand return as earning.

  • Mining: the game token is a mandatory element to process any feature of the game. Players with plenty of time can farm in-game NFT items and sell them to players that have less time to play. This will help to create a healthy way to Play & Earn model in the right way.

  • Holding: Ark Rivals's investors can hold $ARKN tokens to benefit from staking, governance/voting, profit sharing events. This can refer to Ark Rivals's value as our community grows.

  • Reward: represent your faction to fight the enemy from other factions, help your planet reach victory, and claim the massive reward at the end of the war.

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